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We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our portable bedding sets and nap mats that we receive from our customers.
We hope this page will help address any concerns or inquiries you may have had!

Q1. Is the blanket attached to the pad and pillow?

Portable Bedding Set: Our portable bedding sets have snap buttons on the pad that allow for easy attachment of the bag and the blanket. This allows you to customize the set to suit your preferences and your child's needs. The pillow is not attached to either the blanket or the pad.

Whatever you choose, this set has easy snap buttons for you to attach the bag + pad and pad + blanket, giving you the freedom to adjust, adapt and work just for you and your tot.

Nap Mat: The blanket, pad, and pillow are sewn together.


Q2. What fabric and filling are used in your products?

We use 100% Organic Cotton fabric for our nap mats, ensuring it's gentle on your little one's sensitive skin while creating a comfortable and cozy space for sweet dreams. Our portable bedding sets are crafted with 100% cotton fabric, meticulously chosen for its softness.

Additionally, our polyester filling is durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain, making it ideal for busy parents. It can withstand multiple washes without clumping, ensuring long-lasting comfort.

Q3. What are the sizes of the pad and blanket? Will it fit a standard size cot at daycare?

A standard size cot measures 52’’ x 22’’. Our nap mat, measuring 52’’ x 20’’, fits snugly within a standard cot, while our portable bedding set, sized at 55’’ x 27’’, not only covers the cot but also provides additional length and width compared to our nap mat, allowing room for your child's growth.

Q4. What is the thickness of the pad?

Our portable bedding set and organic nap mat both feature a comfortable 2'' thick pad. Whether used on a hard floor or carried around, we have carefully designed them to provide optimal comfort for your little ones. The perfect balance of cushioning and portability.

Q5. How do you fold the bedding set and the nap mat?

1. Fold the pad and blanket together 2. Place the pillow on top 3. Fold the bag in half 4. Button the strap

Organic Nap Mat

1. Fold your blanket 2. Roll up the mat 3. Attach the Velcro straps to close & carry

In conclusion, refer to the chart below for a detailed summary highlighting the differences between the portable bedding set and nap mat.

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