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What's your dream set?

The best of both bedding solutions:
Portable Bedding Sets vs Nap Mats

Made for tots, parents and caretakers alike, we believe that an on-the-go napping set is more than just a cute addition to daily cuddles, it’s a necessary solution to modern living. Because it checks all the right boxes: simplicity, comfort, aesthetic and above all, functionality.

That being said, we understand that when it comes to picking the perfect bedding set for you and your little one’s everyday lifestyle, the shopping process may take a minute. While we equally adore both - because both truly bring spoonfuls of joy - we’ve rounded up a few top tips to help you choose which dream set is fit for you.

Portable Bedding Set

Designed to blend with your lifestyle

A true super sleep set, the detachable pad, blanket and pillow can be used in many creative ways. Does your little one sweat easily in the summer season? Replace the cotton blanket with our light-weight muslin blanket for a breezier sleeptime. Or perhaps, use the pad as a ply, crib mat or a cosy space for tummy time. Whatever you choose, this set has easy snap buttons for you to attach the bag + pad and pad + blanket, giving you the freedom to adjust, adapt and work just for you and your tot.

The bonus of beddy-in-a-bag

Beyond the ease of on-the-go napping, our canvas cover will keep your little one’s Bloomere pieces safe and sound while adding a stylish touch to your everyday look. Whether you mix and match from our wide collection or sport our signature herringbone design, each canvas bag is a minimal and luxurious yet durable piece that elevates both your look and your lifestyle. SHOP CANVAS COVER 

Laundry-day made easy

Because of the detachable design, the pad, blanket and pillow can either be removed and washed together or separately when needed. Plus, for toddlers who tend to drool on their pillow while they sleep sweetly, you can remove the pillow inner to wash the cover only. Easy peasy!

How to Fold 

(1) Fold the pad and the blanket together(2) Place the pillow on top(3) Fold the bag in half(4) Button the strap(5) Add personal embroidery.
*Please watch the video below to see how to fold our portable bedding set!

Organic Nap Mat

Less fuss. More rest.

Practicality is the true magic of our nap mats. With an all-attached pad, blanket and pillow, your little one’s naptime at daycare, sleepovers or even at home is as simple as roll and rest. With a nifty velcro strap that makes it easier for toddlers to open and close, we promise to bring all the fun without the fuss.

Extra comfort for your sweet pea.

While convenience is at the top of our list, cosy cuddles are on par. With our soft plush Velboa inner blanket, your tiny tot can snuggle up for a deep sleep and even sweeter dreams. 

How to Fold

1. Fold your blanket 2. Roll up the mat 3. Attach the Velcro straps to close & carry.
*Please watch the video below to see how to fold our nap mat!

Together, each set makes a good team, creating the ultimate bedding solution for both you and your tot’s everyday needs. Need a little more clarity? Check out the detailed chart below.

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We've also compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our portable bedding sets and nap mats that we receive from our customers. We hope this page will help address any concerns or inquiries you may have had!

Shop Your Dream Set!

Portable Bedding Set

Made with your style and little tots’ cuddles in mind, this beddy-in-a-bag puts the comfort of home in a compact canvas bag to bring bedtime and all its magic, wherever you go.


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Organic Nap Mat

Bringing a newfound sense of ease at daycare, our nap mat is the most adored nap set when your sweet pea needs a little extra support and comfort during nap time...without the fuss. 


Are you still unsure about what to get? Don't worry! Email us, and we'll be happy to provide you with personalized recommendations for you and your little ones.

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